How To Find The Best Stretch Mark Cream?

The thought of having stretch marks haunts women all across the world. Whether they end up with just a few stretch marks or a lot, if they could, each woman would erase out these marks completely from their body.

Stretch marks are usually caused  by genetics, pregnancy and hormonal changes, all of which are inevitable in a way. The only thing that can be done is effort in their prevention and reduction.

For both prevention and reduction of stretch marks, one can do a number of things. The first thing to do is proper exercising, hydrating and diet control. Natural or home remedies also give promising results. If you have tried both of these options and haven’t got the results you expected, you may try stretch mark creams readily available in the market. But the question is – which is the best stretch mark cream among the dozen options you find at a store? Here are some factors that you should keep in mind while deciding upon the one.

What do other women say about the cream?

In this age of internet it is easy to find out how others are rating a particular product. This is the most efficient way to find the best cream for stretch marks. There are plenty of blogs, forums, feedback websites and user reviews on the web. Therefore, it is advisable that you go through a few of them to ascertain if previous users found the cream effective.

What are the ingredients?

You would notice that some stretch marks creams are easily affordable while others are downright expensive. Know that cheap creams are cheap for a reason and expensive ones are expensive for a reason. Cheap creams are often petroleum based and thus often dehydrate skin. Best stretch mark creams would have Vitamin E, antioxidants and similar elements as their ingredients. They would be based on natural ingredients (aloe vera, natural oils, etc).

Do not buy considering if the cream is cheap or expensive, but check whether it has healthy ingredients and whether it is worth buying or not.

Is the cream safe?

Chances are that best creams for stretch marks will come with an approval from a respected medical body or a government body. You can also look for other specifics such as whether the cream is manufactured in a government approved or registered lab.

Is the manufacturing company reputed?

Buying products from a known and proven brand has its merits. A known brand’s products are often well tested, are free of side-effects and are easily available in the market (you don’t have to drive across the town to get your refill).

Stay away from shams

Best stretch mark creamBrands that produce best stretch mark creams do not give false promises. If a cream is promising visible changes within days, know that the cream is nothing but a sham. Stretch marks occur over a period of time and they can reduce only over a period of time. Any cream that promises miracle is not worth buying.

Even as you find the best cream for stretch marks that gives you impressive results, it is still important that you follow the three basics mentioned earlier – exercising, hydrating and diet control. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks is one thing, but in the long run the best prevention is always eating healthy and staying healthy.