How To Hide Stretch Marks In Just A Few Hours? – 3 Easy Ways!

It is perfectly normal to have stretch marks. In fact you will be surprised to know that nearly 80% of women have them. And when it comes to stretch marks, we are all for ‘loving your flaws.’ However, it is also true that sometimes the sight of stretch marks attract unwanted attention to them which can be annoying.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in trying to fade these marks away. But what should you do when your stretch marks are taking time to fade and it is summer already? What to do when you need a quick fix way to conceal them? How to hide stretch marks in just a few hours?

To that the answer is camouflage. Here are 3 great tricks to cover up your stretch marks and give you a flawless skin in no time.


How to hide stretch marks?Hiding stretch marks is easy with tanning. Do not go for sunbathing because sun tanning tans just the skin and not the marks, making marks much more visible. Use self-tanning. There are plenty of self-tanning products such as lotions, creams and powder. Just use an all-over bronzer that distract people from noticing your marks. Especially with white stretch marks that are the most difficult to hide, self-tanning gives perfect cover.

When you use a self-tanner, it is advised to do a patch test before applying it all over your body. Avoid buying the spray on tanners to cover up stretch marks and pick the one labelled ‘streak free.’

Tip – If you want the tan to stay longer, exfoliate your legs well with scrub before applying the tan.


Makeup and concealers can do a good job of concealing stretch marks. For this purpose you need to use makeup specially made for body and not the one you use for face. This is because body makeup is thicker than face makeup and lasts longer against factors such as perspiration.

The most important thing here is that your body makeup should match well with your skin tone. It helps to take advice from a makeup sales associate at the cosmetic store on which shade would suit you the best. If your stretch marks are red in color, buy a concealer with green undertone to cover up stretch marks. While applying body make up, stick to multiple thin layers instead of one thick blotchy layer.

Tip – If you want body makeup to last throughout the day, use a spray on makeup fixative to set it up.


The simplest solution to ‘how to cover up stretch marks?’ is clothes which offer a perfect camouflage. Here the effort is to either hide stretch marks completely, or wear clothes in a way that attention is diverted away from these marks.  For example, if you are at the beach, opt for a one-piece swimsuit instead of two-piece. Opt for swimming shorts instead of bikini.

Tip – You can use hot pants, sarong or cotton poncho to look stylish while you cover.

Many people also opt in for a tattoo to cover up stretch marks, though that is more of a permanent cover up.