Does Tanning Help Stretch Marks Reduction? – FAQs Answered

You go through nine tough months of pregnancy. It all seems worth it because at the end of it you get a beautiful angel in your hand. With this comes your new life as a mother, a new routine to look forward to, new dreams, a new direction to life, and…new marks on your skin –  stretch marks.

Stretch marks are marks left on the skin due to its rapid growth during a life event such as pregnancy, puberty, weight gain or weight loss. Sadly, even when your skin gets back to its earlier shape, stretch marks stay. Unless you are planning to use laser treatment or surgery to get rid of them, your best bet is to use something that can conceal their appearance. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions on tanning stretch marks.

Does tanning help to reduce stretch marks?

tanning stretch marksHow effective will tanning be for your stretch marks depends on how old your stretch marks are, how severe they are and your skin tone. Fresh stretch marks which appear to be just thin streaks of pink or purple will definitely become less visible with tanning. For old marks which have turned to silver or white in color, tanning might not give similar results.

Stretch marks are nothing but scar tissues and thus they will not get tanned the same way their neighboring skin will. Therefore for some, tanning makes stretch marks even more noticeable. It is a good idea to get your stretch marks analyzed by a dermatologist to ascertain whether tanning would be of help to you or not.

Is tanning stretch marks safe?

Stretch marks appear on the skin because of lack of collagen in skin thus leading to skin getting torn while expanding. Getting tanned in the sun or on tanning beds therefore has to be done with extreme caution or it might lead to deeper and wider stretch marks.

A good practice would be to use a good sun block lotion before going out in the sun. Even with the sun block lotion, avoid prolonged sun exposure and altogether avoid sun tanning between 10 am to 2 pm when sun rays are most strong.

What is the best tanning option for stretch marks?

For stretch marks, the best and safest tanning option is to use sunless tanners, self-tanning creams and spray tans. These products do not require sun’s exposure and are convenient to use. These products are cost effective and are readily available even at a drugstore near you.

How can I use sunless tanners for tanning stretch marks?

Using tanning products is fairly easy. Yet, if you are new to using tanning products, get your first fake tan done at a salon. Once you understand how it is done, practice at home when needed next.

Can stretch marks fade away completely with tanning?

Tanning helps stretch marks seem less prominent. It is just a way to temporarily camouflage stretch marks; it does not offer any permanent solution. In fact the only permanent solution to stretch marks is either laser treatment or a tummy tuck surgery.