The Right Body Makeup For Stretch Marks – Simple Tricks!

Stretch marks bring with them rippled skin, discoloration and streaks of hues of red and white. Once you have them, especially on body parts such as thighs, abdomen or arms that are exposed even when you wear clothes, they become inconvenient. Stretch marks fade away slowly (actually way too slowly) and thus chances are that you will be stuck with them for a long time.

So the question is how to deal with stretch marks till the treatment methods you use start to show promising signs?

Your best bet is to use body makeup to cover stretch marks of all shapes and sizes. Body makeup works just like face makeup. However, it has additional ingredients that make it much more wearable for longer durations. It is also resistant to perspiration or rubbing off. Body makeup is not your everyday cosmetic. So chances are that you will not find it in regular drugstores. However, it should be easily available in department stores, specialty makeup stores or online stores.

Generic Body Makeup or Mineral Makeup?

Body Makeup for stretch marksThere are two different cosmetics that can help you in camouflaging your stretch marks – a generic body makeup and mineral makeup.

Generic body makeup is just like a liquid foundation. Its advantage lies in its waterproof feature. This body makeup is resistant to water and thus is perfect for beach, pool parties or swimming. You can use generic body makeup to conceal stretch marks, other skin scars or spider veins.

The other option is to use mineral makeup. Stretch marks do not just leave colored streaks; they often also leave shallow lines on the skin. These lines make the skin affected with stretch marks look uneven. Mineral makeup has titanium dioxide as its main ingredient and works excellent in filling such shallow lines. Mineral makeup is not waterproof, but for any other day where water is not involved, it is perfect.

What to Look Out For?

Depending on the kind of stretch marks you have, you may require a little concealing or a lot of concealing. Body makeup offering heavy coverage is high in concentration and thus feels a little too much on skin. In such a case, go for multiple layers of a light coverage body makeup. Alternatively, you can use airbrush makeup for even better look and feel.

Along with a body makeup cream you would also require a pressed powder compact. Patting the makeup with powder will make it last longer. It will also give you a better blending and thus a better skin tone.

Stay away from shimmery body makeup for stretch marks as they attract even more undue attention. To look natural, always pick up matte makeup.

It is always a good idea to consult a doctor regarding which product to use in case you are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to Wear It?

When you use makeup to cover stretch marks, start by cleansing the body part where you intend to apply it. You can use a mild scrub to cleanse so that your dead skin gets removed. Then pat it dry.

Prepare your skin by applying a thin layer of moisturizer. Now apply a couple of layers of body makeup on stretch marks. Only after this, apply body makeup to adjoining areas to blend everything up. Use a compact powder to set the makeup. You can also use a makeup setting spray.

Put on your bathing suit and out in the sun!