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How To Find The Best Stretch Mark Cream?

The thought of having stretch marks haunts women all across the world. Whether they end up with just a few stretch marks or a lot, if they could, each woman would erase out these marks completely from their body. Stretch marks are usually caused  by genetics, pregnancy and

Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Worth It?

Laser treatment for stretch marks has become the latest fad in town with even beauty salons offering them at reasonable prices. Clinics are advertising laser treatments as if they are the last man standing when everything else has failed. It is obvious that laser stretch mark removal

4 Easy Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

If you wonder if stretch marks will lead to any medical condition, no it won’t. So if you are comfortable wearing your stretch marks, that’s great. However, for some others it can be an issue of social embarrassment. Though stretch marks do wither away over time (over

Can You Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

It might be that you have tried everything possible and still have not succeeded in reducing stretch marks to bearable level. You can choose the option of covering up stretch marks. And I don’t mean covering up using makeup because that is temporary and can be time