Who has loaded up on cocoa butter during pregnancy? There wouldn’t be a single woman who hasn’t! Stretch marks come on top of the ‘Things to Fret About’ list of all to-be-mothers. So much so, cocoa butter is one of the first things many women buy as soon as they find out that they are pregnant. And then starts the everyday routine of rubbing this butter on the body all through the nine months.

How to get rid of stretch marks fast?The sad part is that this routine doesn’t stop stretch marks from leaving their marks!

There is never any health risk related to stretch marks. The only issue is the cosmetic annoyance they cause. Though many women get comfortable around them; many other feel awkward with these pinkish streaks mostly occurring across the stomach, breast and hip area.

Pregnancy apart, stretch marks also crop up due to factors such as sudden changes in body size, puberty and rapid weight gain or weight loss. Whatever the cause is, the question that each ‘stretch-marked’ woman asks is ‘How to get rid of stretch marks fast?’ To that the answer is – sorry, there is no way to get rid of stretch marks ‘fast.’ They do not appear in one week, and thus there is no way you can do away with them in one week. However, yes, with time and a little patience you can surely reduce their appearance. You can even lighten them so much that they will seem non-existential or hide them if you want to.

Listed here are some of the tried and tested options that can give you the best results in erasing stretch marks:

Topical Lotions & Supplements

Stretch marks are caused when skin stretches to a point where it is not able to keep up with the stretch. Using topical lotions hydrate your skin thus improving its elasticity, suppleness and appearance. These topical lotions can be in the form of moisturizers, retinoic acid cream (or Retin-A), glycolic acid or Vitamin E oil. Retinoic acid cream and glycolic acid boost skin’s collagen production thus increasing skin’s elasticity.

Regular intake of oral supplements such as Vitamin C can also help in improving quality of skin and reduction of stretch marks.

A word of caution for pregnant women – it is better to run the products that you intend to use through your OB-Gyn before actually using them.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for stretch marks is available for women who are interested in going that far. If your stretch marks are fresh, the vascular laser option will suit you the best. For older stretch marks, a fractional laser treatment will work. Of course, if you are planning to go the laser way, be prepared to spend a good amount of money. Read more about laser treatment for stretch marks here.


An actual fast and 100% sure shot way to get rid of stretch marks is to get a tummy tuck (or technically an abdominoplasty). In this surgery, the part of skin with stretch marks is simply ‘cut off’ and tucked. It goes without saying that it is the most expensive option. Also a tummy tuck, just like any other surgery, comes with its drawbacks like during-surgery complications, post-surgery complications and long recovery period.

And yes, when it comes to things that do not help at all in reducing stretch marks, cocoa butter comes right on top. It is as ordinary as any other over the counter moisturizer. Now no more of asking advice on how to remove stretch marks fast. Just get at it and get the job done!